TFPPW Reviews

This information seems to be very important “core” information and not the typical “pie-in-the-sky” B.S. Who is the author? What is the name of the book? Are there any additional publications by this author?

Audiobook Binaural your work is a master piece! Thank you very much!

This was great. Very well spoken and a great pace.

Compliments to Unknown
Well done sir,
Your message needs to be heard.
Let all who hear this message live by it, and unleash your creativity.

This is really a powerful message….I LOVE IT!
Every human being with some common sense should listen to this many times.
May God bless the author and his/her surroundings.


Listen to this…EVERYONE!
Everyone in the world should listen to this over, and over and over and over….again.

How to Think Like a Successful Person
This audio reveals the thought patterns and world view shared by many wealthy and successful people. It includes specific examples of obstacles and common situations you might face, then states specifically how a successful (wealth-attaining) person would react to these obstacles. Actively listen, with your own concerns in mind, and you can develop strategies for succeeding.

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